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Notice on the achievement selection of Henan Civil Engineering Excellent quality Management Group

Release time: 2023-09-20Author: Henan Civil Architecture Society

Branches, local associations, member units and related construction and installation enterprises:

To implement the national science and technology innovation strategy,Further improve the quality of the project, innovative management concept,We will promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements,Promote the experience exchange of quality management and scientific and technological innovation achievements in the civil construction industry,The decision takes effect from this day,In the province to carry out the "Henan Province civil engineering excellent quality management team results" (hereinafter referred to as the excellent QC team results) selection activities。The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Follow the principles of voluntary declaration of enterprises, the recommendation of cities, directly administered counties (cities), county (cities) civil architecture society, and provincial relevant units to organize evaluation。By carrying out the quality management team and awarded the excellent QC team project, as the "Henan Civil Construction Science and Technology Award (Quality Engineering)" award support。

1. Declaration requirements

(a) The correct use of total quality management theory, methods and tools, in accordance with the four stages of the PDCA cycle, ten steps to carry out activities, activities should reflect the characteristics of "small, real, live, new" requirements, should include the following content。

1, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the enterprise group registration and subject registration;

2. Carry out activities in accordance with the requirements of the procedures of the quality management team,Conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the Quality Management Group Activity Guidelines (T/CAQ10201-2020),Apply the theory, methods and tools of total quality management correctly,Activities are carried out in four stages and ten steps of the PDCA cycle,The results of activities should reflect the characteristics of "small, real, active and new";

3. Complete activity records;

4, should pass the team's enterprise on-site review;

5, activities, independent innovation or four new technology application effect is remarkable, to create good economic and social benefits;

6, the activity results have the promotion and application value, and form the relevant construction methods or standards, scientific and technological achievements, operation instructions, etc.;

7. Innovative, practical, safe and economical;

8, for the innovative QC project development of new processes, new technologies, new materials, priority to participate in the evaluation of excellent QC results。

9. The time interval between the event end date and the registration date shall not exceed two years。

(b) In the process of QC activities, there are complete activity records。

(3) The excellent QC team shall submit the following materials (including the electronic version of the activity results) and bind them into a book (paperback, binding) :

1. Declaration form (including electronic version);

2, the results of the activity text materials, the results of the text data using A4 paper, double-sided printing, simple wireless binding (do not use plastic, metal pull-out and comb rubber binding);

3, the on-site release of the activity results of the slide, should be in PPT format, the picture is clear, concise, avoid large blocks of text;

4, the group to create economic benefits certification documents, should be stamped by the enterprise financial department confirmation;

5. Construction methods, standards, operation instructions and other materials formed by activity results;

2. Results selection

In accordance with the "Henan Province Civil engineering excellent quality Management team results selection Measures", experts were organized to conduct preliminary review of the results declaration materials and review the release of activity results。

3. Arrangements for reporting results

2023 "Henan Province Civil Engineering excellent quality Management Group activity results" submission deadline is November 12, 2023, through the preliminary review of the results of the group, participate in the release of the exchange meeting for results review。

4. Contact information

Address: No.96, Huanghe Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City

Contact person: Yan Li Tel: 15136222567

Contact person: An Xin Tel: 18530067610

Contact: Zhang Miaozi Tel: 15515677849

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Henan Civil Architecture Society

September 19, 2023


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